Nacho Torra

IBIZA 01.09.22


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My obsession with plates began in a dining room in New Orleans, specifically at Restaurant Antoine fonde in 1840 That plate in that situation and that specific table, captivated me like never before, until that moment a plate was a plate. Since then some hang on the wall of my dining room. Not all plates are special they have to tell a history. Thats how I started this series of plates.
Plate Collection

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LoreWith the intention of updating the format and themes of contemporary still life, I work hard in the search for new elements that transport me to a more up-to-date discourse. these cans of caviar are an exercise that clearly represents that intention to update such a hackneyed topic.

Nacho Torra
Caviar Tin, 2022
Oil on Canvas
100x70 cm

Caviar Tin

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Most of my childhood memories are associated to painting. I started my artistic studies at a very young age attending to classical drawing classes. I expand my knowledge during my artistic formation at laboral univeristy in my hometown Gijón, learned there about other classical art techniques like photography laboratory development, sculpture or art history . Im graduated in fine arts from the university of Cuenca, Spain. I went there inspired by the national museum of abstract art, and I completed my training passing through the academy of brera in Milan, Italy. During all these years I have exhibited in galleries and fairs nationally and internationally and art critics, and cultural personalities from spain like Rafael Doctor, Tania Pardo or Armando Montesinos have written about my work. After that I passed last 8 years working as a creative director for fashion, I also worked as a freelance Photographer & an as a Designer. During this time I have been able to travel all over the world and its been the best education I had this 30 years. After this journey I have been testing and trying new things, and working on the future of my artistic career