148 × 210 mm

Most of my childhood memories are associated to painting, even during my adolescence I continued to go regularly to painting classes. I started my artistic studies at a very young age attending to classical drawing classes. I expand my knowledge during my artistic formation at laboral univeristy in my hometown gijón. learning about other classical art techniques like photography laboratory development, sculpture or art history . Im graduated in fine arts from the university of Cuenca, Spain. I went there inspired by the national museum of abstract art, and I completed my training passing through the academy of brera in Milan, Italy. During all these years I have exhibited in galleries and fairs nationally and internationally and art critics, and cultural personalities from spain like Rafael Doctor, Tania Pardo or Armando Montesinos have written about my work. After that I passed last 5 years working as a creative director for fashion, I also worked as a freelance Photographer & an as a Designer, during this time I have been able to travel all over the world and its been the best education I had this 30 years, so i think now is the time to be back painting at my new studio I called the “ maison du peintre ” or the house of the painter ( la casa del pintor ) a dream place I still working on in my free time

After a full year of work and with the eternal excuse that I am always traveling and I don't have time to finish my paintings, I decided to face the situation with the simplest and fastest technique I know, drawing. I have never stopped drawing during all these years that I have been from here to there, on each trip I have always carried a notebook, that is precisely why I want to collect all those images that are still latent in my head with a drawing book, recently doubtful I started to write about my love for painting, so this book will be accompanied by some readings and thoughts. I recently discovered the writing side of reading The frieze of life, by Munch. He wrote throughout his life and kept - college essays and notebooks, journal entries, prose poems, literary and dramatic sketches, travel letters, newspaper contributions, contracts, requests, prosaic to-do lists, and obviously letters. This reference would be the starting point to start this book.

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